Our Vision

It's tempting to think that the way we grow and become mature followers of Christ is by always gaining more knowledge. But while bible knowledge and an understanding of the gospel are essential, meeting the needs of another person and helping them grow in their relationship with God will produce a type of fruit that knowledge alone cannot.

Giving our lives away for others is a discipleship issue. As we inconvenience ourselves and love others, our faith is strengthened and God produces fruit in us!

Each of us has a unique contribution to make to others based on our personality, experiences, suffering, gifts, and resources. We want to encourage and equip our women to deploy their strength for others in ways that make sense in accordance with their season of life. We've included resources on this page to help you gain clarity, identify strengths, and explore opportunities for serving those around you.

Ezer Applied Cover

Ezer Applied Journal

Ezer Applied is an interactive discipleship journal that helps you integrate the foundational truths laid out in our Ezer studies and apply them to your current season and context. Going through this journal—either individually or in community—will provide clarity around your serving strengths and how to engage them with the local church and the community. 




Outreach Serving Tool
Understanding Spiritual Gifts
Concern Responsibility and Energy
Serving Opportunities