Women at Grace

Our Vision

We view women's ministry a little differently at Grace. We believe that ministry to and through women is happening wherever women are present—whether through Connect Teams, Outreach, Grace Church Kids, Grace Church Students, Community Groups, Care & Recovery, or Ezer.

But we also see the value in short-term discipleship opportunities centered around a small group experience. Our Ezer ministry includes five studies as well as equipping events that are rooted in Scripture and strategically oriented around current issues that we all struggle with. Our desire is for women at Grace to go through each of these studies and engage with our Ezer resources in order to live a life of intentional discipleship. We don’t expect you to continue to do these studies over and over again, although it may be helpful to revisit them from time to time. Rather, we want these resources to equip you to know how to strategically live out your calling.

How we each live out our calling will be based on our own individuality and season of life. But each one of us has a unique contribution to make. The temptation is to use our strength, experiences, and resources for our own benefit and comfort. What would it look like if instead, we faithfully stewarded our individuality and deployed ourselves to the world around us? We want to help you do that! Watch here to learn more about the purpose of work and ministry and how you can live out your calling.



Ezer Equipped

An Equipping Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter arrives in your inbox the first Monday of the month. It is a resource for you to use personally throughout the month as well as in community and conversation with one another. Each section—Read, Listen, Connect, and Move—invites you to go deeper into Scripture and engage each month's topic in a way that will enable you to discern what your next steps might be.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to bring the truth of Scripture into common areas of struggle that may hinder growth in spiritual maturity. We want to heed the charge from the writer to the Hebrews to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles” (12:1 NIV) so that we may run the race with endurance.

We believe life change happens best within the context of personal relationships. Therefore, we place high value on being relationally connected. We believe this happens both organically as women intentionally pursue relationships with one another, through serving together, and through the various opportunities we have to be connected in biblical community through both short and long term discipleship.

There are plenty of people, ministries, and activities vying for our time. We want to be strategic about where we ask people to invest their time and energy. Our weekly teaching systematically goes through a book of the Bible and is complemented by a daily Scripture reading plan as well as weekly discussion and application in community groups. In addition, we have a monthly newsletter that explores a Biblical topic that includes Scripture study. We encourage our women to meet with one another monthly to dive into the newsletter and help each other continue to live a life of intentional discipleship.

Therefore, we have chosen to identify common areas of struggle for women and bring biblical truth to those areas so that women can have effective ongoing discipleship conversations with one another around these topics.

Our goal through the Ezer studies is life change. While it may be helpful to retake a specific study occasionally, such as after a season of life changes for a woman, we do not believe a woman needs to do Ezer studies over and over again.

Ezer Applied, a discipleship journal is also an option for women who have completed the Ezer studies. This journal helps integrate the foundational truths in the Ezer studies to help women reevaluate how to steward their strength and energy or reexamine their concerns and responsibilities. Ezer Applied can be done individually but is best when shared with a group, friend, or mentor.

Our desire is that women will invest their most effective discipleship energy into the people God has placed in their community group or other form of biblical community. We would love to see women deployed in such a way that they would use their time and resources with an outward focus—whether that is leading others through a study, serving the local church in various ministries, serving within their community, or discipling and mentoring other women.

For a list of ways to serve, please read our serving opportunities here.

Ezer is meant to be a short term, topical discipleship resource. It is not meant to provide long term biblical community. If an Ezer group wants to stay together and go through the entire body of Ezer resources, that’s great! In fact, this can be very fruitful. However, we do not want groups to stay together in perpetuity and suggest that instead, they lead others through the studies, or serve alongside one another in our community or church.

If you have additional questions, please email [email protected]